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Παρασκευή, 12 Αυγούστου 2011

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Neoi Epivates, Beach located in Thessaloniki

Access for people with disabilities
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Δεδομένα χάρτη
Είκονες από ©2011 TerraMetrics

Nei Epivates Palirria beach is a well-known resort, located in a semi-urban area, 24 km from Thessaloniki. Nei Epivates, also called “Bahtse Tsifliki”, became widely known from a song (rempetiko), composed by Vasilis Tsitsanis. 
The natural environment is beautiful; the sandy beach (with length 200m and width 30m) with tamarix, elaeagnus angustifolia, daisies, and crinums of the sea is an ideal place for one to enjoy his day and the magnificent sunset, when the sky is painted with breathtaking colours. The beach is ideal for the fans of kite-surf, surf, barefoot etc. but also for the disabled and people with sight problems. During summer, visitors can freely enjoy movies at the open cinema, surrounded by trees and a number of pictorial, astronomic, and musical activities are organized which focus on the environment.
During the whole summer Lifeguards offer, besides the safety, free swimming lessons and care to the people that need it. In the inner and outer part of Palirria (8,000 square meters in total) there is an organized system of recycling. Added to all these, many environmental education facilities take place every year, such as seminars, lectures, clean ups, drawings and photo competitions- so, visitors should pay attention to the dates! It is worth mentioning that the magazine “Palirriaka” has many environmental topics. 
In the nearby area, there are nice hotels and rent rooms to satisfy the visitors’ needs, as well as rent cars, bikes, and bicycles. The access to the beach is easy; either by taking the 72 bus from IKEA or by car, only 7 km from the Macedonia airport. For the ship-owners, it is interesting for them to know that the Nei Epivates’ port is 500m from Palirria.
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